Jack A. Hamady Fellow Award
The Jack A. Hamady Fellow Award is a recognition for individuals or organizations who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to the Flint Rotary Charitable Foundation Endowment Fund managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The award was established in 1994 to honor “Mr. Rotary” in Genesee County. Jack served as the 54th club president in 1967-68 and District 6330 Governor in 1972-73. During Jack’s forty plus years as a Rotarian he started four Rotary clubs in our area, introduced over 100 new members and his 40 plus years of perfect attendance demonstrates the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”. Organizations or individuals may contribute an award in honor of someone: a family member, fellow Rotarian, member of the community or in memory of a departed loved one. The Jack A. Hamady Fellow recognition is an attractive 8-by-10-inch certificate, personalized with the donor's name in an attractive presentation folder and a listing on the club's donor recognition page below.
Jack A. Hamady Sep-94 charter member
George A. Carpenter Sep-94 charter member
Gene W. Dennis Sep-94 charter member
Robert C. Gerholtz Sep-94 charter member
Gaylord E. Gibbons Sep-94 charter member
Anthony J. Mansour Sep-94 charter member
William H. Piper Sep-94 charter member
Ghassan M. Saab Sep-94 charter member
Gerold W. Spencer Sep-94 charter member
Paul D. Wenstrom Sep-94 charter member
Nanette Noyce Jul-94  
R. Lily Hamady Nov-94  
Albert J. Koegel Apr-95  
William C. Wright Apr-95  
William C. Stevens Apr-95  
Hira A. Branch May-95  
Paul C. Visser Sep-95  
Peter D. Kleimpell Sep-95  
M. Harry Piper Mar-96  
H. Halladay Flynn May-96  
Cheryl A. Gifford Nov-96  
William C. Phelps Dec-97  
Thomas W. Skaff Sep-98  
Margaret Jayne Anderson Sep-98  
Ruth Rawlings Mott Nov-98  
Gerald A. Dellenbach Nov-98  
John W. Ennest Dec-98  
Paul A. Fuhs Dec-98  
Michael B. Lindemann Dec-98  
Jay N. Nelson Dec-98  
Richard K. Rappleye Dec-98  
Woodrow W. Skaff Dec-98  
Frederick W. VanDuyne Dec-98  
George A. Eastman Feb-99  
Muriel M. Mansour Feb-99  
Wanda L. Piper Feb-99  
David S. Smith Apr-99  
George L. Skaff Apr-99  
Fleming A. Barbour Jun-99  
Donald Bacon Apr-00  
Richard F. Cordell Dec-00  
Larry K. Ridge Jun-01  
James Nothoff Oct-01  
Katherine R. Saunders Oct-01  
William S. White Nov-01  
Jack A. Blosser Jan-02  
Mark Turpen Jan-02  
Steven J. Buck Mar-02  
John M. Wright Jul-03  
William D. Beck Sep-03  
Donald E. Johnson Jr. Jul-04  
Julianne T. Princinsky Aug-04  
Robert T. Sibilsky Oct-04  
Douglas P. Bacon Aug-05  
Jonathan E. Burroughs Aug-05  
Lawrence C. Cywin Dec-05  
David T. Dort May-06  
Robert J. Reid Jul-06  
Olivia P. Maynard Aug-06  
Howard S. Shand Aug-06  
Richard W. Fortner Oct-07  
William C. Webb Jr. Jan-08  
Patrick W. McAvinchey Jan-08  
Carl M. Conner Jul-10  
John F. Nieman Jul-12  
Srinivas (Bobby) Mukkamala Jul-12  
Duncan M. Beagle Jan-14  
Kenneth D. Halter Jul-14  
Donald D. Lada Jul-14  
Michael L. Chaffee Nov-14  
Gary J. Hurand Jul-15  
Lynne A. Hurand Aug-15  
Donald G. Rockwell Dec-15  
Suzanne B. Martinus Jan-16  
J. Joseph Fioroni Jul-16  
Janice L. Karcher Jul-17  
Eileen P. Gibbs Dec-17  
Henry A. Fracalossi May-18  
Richard T. Gibbs Jul-18  
Lee Ann Chaffee Aug-18  
Michael J. Thorp Aug-18  
Richard J. Cramer Sr. Jun-19  
Kyle A. McCree Jul-19  
Michael E. Dach Aug-19  
Mark D. Eneix Sep-19  
Terrence E. Mohrman Sep-20  
Richard A. Shick Jan-21  
Richard E. Fletcher Jul-21  
John H. Daly III Aug-21  
Amy E. Krug Oct-21  
Howard G. Downing Jr. Jun-22  
Daniel C. Crannie Jr. Apr-24